04.18.10 - Welgünzêr screens at Nashville Film Festival!

01.02.10 - Welgünzêr goes to Singapore to screen at Next Reel Film Festival on January 31st.

12.03.09 - Welgünzêr screens at Santa Fe Film Festival.

11.15.09 - Ouat Media signs Welgünzêr for International Distribution.

11.09.09 - Welgünzêr wins Horizon Award at 24FPS Film Festival!

10.25.09 - Narrative Student Short Jury Award goes to Welgünzêr at Austin Film Festival!!

10.15.09 - Welgünzêr goes to Ireland at Kerry Film Festival -- Oct. 31 to Nov. 7

10.01.09 - Asiana Intl. Film Festival in Seoul, Korea screens on Nov. 6 and Nov. 8

9.25.09 - Official Selection of Curtocircuito Film Festival in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

09.19.09 - Offical Selection of 24FPS Film Festival!

09.18.09 - Edmonton Film Festival screenings on Oct. 1st and 2nd

09.17.09 - Official Selection of Austin Film Festival!!

09.17.09 - Official Selection of St. Louis International Film Festival!!

09.08.09 - 'Best Student Film' awarded at Strasbourg Intl Film Festival! As well as nominations for 'Best Short', 'Best Director', and 'Best Actor'.

08.23.09 - Official Selection of Shnit Film Festival in Switzerland

08.11.09 - The fine and generous folks at Savannah Film Festival are flying Gary Colón and Bradford Schmidt to Georgia for the screening in November.

08.05.09 - Official Selection of Vancouver International Film Festival!

08.03.09 - Welgünzêr wins 'Best Cinematography' at Holly Shorts Film Festival!!!

07.27.09 - Official Selection of Venice International Short Film Festival - Circuito Off!!

07.07.09 - Official Selection of Montreal World Film Festival!

07.02.09 - Official Selection of Rhode Island International Film Festival!

07.01.09 - LA Shorts Fest screening on July 27 at 10:00 pm.

06.26.09 - Official Selection of FEST International Film Festival in Portugal.

06.20.09 - Official Selection of Munich International Short Film Festival.

06.17.09 - Welgünzêr wins Third at the BAFTA/LA Student Film Awards.

06.04.09 - Cinegear Expo selects Welgünzêr as a Finalist.

05.31.09 - Welgünzêr gets an enthusiastic reception at Seattle International Film Festival!

05.30.09 - Best Student Film Award at Mexico International Film Festival!

05.07.09 - Welgünzêr selected as a Finalist at USA Film Festival.

04.06.09 - Official Selection of Manlleu Film Festival in Spain.

04.02.09 - Gary Colón is nominated for 'Best Actor', Welgünzêr is nominated for 'Best Student Short' and 'Audience Award' at The Method Film Festival!

03.28.09 - Official Selection of Milano International Film Festival.

03.25.09 - Official Selection of Mexico International Film Festival.

03.19.09 - Sehsüechte Film Festival sponsors Bradford Schmidt to fly out to Potsdam, Germany to present Welgünzêr on April 21st and 23rd.

o3.18.09 - 'Best Student Film' is awarded to Welgünzêr at The European Independent Film Festival!

03.18.09 - "Welgünzêr, takes an Audience Award at Athens International Sci-Fi Film Festival.

03.17.09 - Official Selection of Sehsüechte Film Festival in Potsdam, Germany. The film is screening on April 21st at 5:30 pm and April 23rd at 5:00 pm.

03.13.09 - Official Selection of Newport Beach Film Festival. The film is screening on April 26th.

3.04.09 - '... a breathlessly funny, time-bending plot!" Welgünzêr gets it's first review with Metro Newspaper at Cinequest Film Festival.

03.04.09 - Official Selection of KAN Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. The film is screening on April 22nd.

02.28.09 - Official Selection of Method Film Festival. The film is screening on March 27th at 7 p.m.

02.19.09 - Official Selection of Bruxelles International Fantastique Film Festival. The film is screening on April 18th.

02.16.09 - Official Selection of Athens International Sci-Fi Film Festival.

02.10.09 - Official Selection of The European Independent Film Festival in Paris. The film is screening on March 15th at 3:30 pm.

02.03.09 - Official Selection of Dawson City Intl Short Film Festival.

01.23.09 - Official Selection of Cinequest Film Festival. The film is screening on March 5th at
9:30 pm and March 7th at 11:45 pm

01.10.09 - Finished titling and credits. Welgünzêr is finally finished!

9.15.08 - Finished final color correction

9.12.08 - Finished final sound mix

9.07.08 - Finished final sound design

5.12.08 - Spotlight Awards screen at the DGA Theatre in Los Angeles

4.05.08 - Blue Ribbon Panelists select Welgünzêr for the Spotlight Awards

03.29.08 - Rought cut is screened at UCLA Festival Welgünzêr recieves awards for Best Script, and Most Original

02.18.08 - Pickups wrap

02.16.08 - Pickups begin

11.18.07 - Principal photography wraps

11.12.07 - Principal photography on Welgünzêr begins - Big Metal Todd begins construction on the time machine