11.05.09 - Bradford Schmidt recieves a Goldwyn Award for his feature script, THE LANDSAILOR, co-written with Brandon Thompson. Article in THR, Variety, and The Daily Bruin.

11.04.09 - "The short film Welgünzêr confounds the mind..." -- Savannah District

10.25.09 - Welgünzêr wins Jury Award at Austin Film Festival!!!

10.01.09 - A Four Star Review from The Independent Critic: "... a deliciously off-kilter performance from Gary Colon"

09.16.09 - Welgünzêr receives a Special Mention Prize in Italy at Reggio Film Festival!

08.19.09 - "Think Pi. But starring a manic depressive..." -- Dork Shelf

08.17.09 - "A unique and oddly self sinister look at time travel ambitions..." -- Movie Moxie

08.06.09 - An Interview with Film Radar: "It was a harrowing feat for everyone."

06.17.09 - Welgünzêr wins third place at the BAFTA/LA Student Film Awards.

06.05.09 - "A fantastic piece involving time travel, a bathtub, and way too many aviator goggles." - My Blue Reality

05.28.09 - "A kooky but extremely well executed sci-fi romp!" - Seattle Magazine

04.22.09 - An Interview with Moving Pictures Magazine. Piecing the Puzzle of Welgunzer: "I don't know if that take was usable. We might have seen nipple."

04.20.09 - Review in Moving Pictures Magazine! "...a superb spectacle of time-traveling madness, captured predominantly in the physiognomy of a fantastically strange-faced actor." - MPM

04.02.09 - Gary Colón is nominated for 'Best Actor', Welgünzêr is nominated for 'Best Student Short' and 'Audience Award' at The Method Film Festival!

03.18.09 - "Welgünzêr -- where time travel has nothing to do with science and everything to do with human emotions." -- Athen's Intl Sci-Fi Film Festival.

03.04.09 - "... A breathlessly funny, time-bending plot." Welgünzer gets it's first review in Dark Humor In the Dark by Metro Newspaper at Cinequest Film Festival.

5.12.08 - Spotlight Awards screening at the DGA Theatre in Los Angeles